About me

I am a self-taught artist based out of Barrow, near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.

A bit of a weirdo, a bit of a free spirit, a mother and a lover of citrus smells. I follow my whims, and my artwork ranges from watercolours to woodwork, colouring books to pyrography, card making to murals. I love reclaimed and upcycled wood with a history to it.  I consider flaws to be part of the beauty.

“I hate being taught, but I love learning.”

I will sometimes watch an instructional video on an art technique, but only get about 20 seconds in before I stop it and think, “woah there… thanks for the start but I'll take it from here.”

“The best art simply draws itself”

When I work I am in the zone, not thinking about anything. I am just a conduit; the art has a life of its own and will be what it wants to be.

“I grew up in Indiana”

But I’ve been in the UK since 2002, when I fell in love with an Englishman. My mother was a wonderful artist, and her mom too.  I miss her, but she continues to inspire.

“I run a small charity called My Blackbirds.”

My mother taught me, through words, and actions, that the best way to get yourself through pain is to help someone else through theirs. 

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